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Spiritually and Physically Engaged

We believe seniors thrive when they are active and engaged in the world around them. Events, activities and interaction are key to staying spiritually and physically healthy. RSVP for events below. We would love to see you.

Event Listing

We’re back and we’re delighted to offer our first free event of 2022. Join us Thursday September 22nd from 6-8p at St. Pius X Parish in Wyoming. 

TOPIC:  Death & Dying – A Catholic Perspective

End of life decisions can present emotional, medical and religious questions and dilemmas for the dying patient and their family. As advancements in medical science can prolong life, many questions arise regarding the Church’s position and guidance on ordinary and extraordinary means, hydration, pain relief and palliative care. Bring your questions and be prepared to learn.


  • Dr. Joel Phillips, Medical Director for Trinity Health, Palliative Care, Neurologist
  • Dana Shelton-Clark, LMSW, APHSW-C, Emmanuel Hospice Social Worker
  • Father Stephen Durkee, Pastor at St. Piux X Parish

Community Advocacy and Support

Workshop Registration

Complete the required fields below and specify which workshop you plan to attend and how in the notes/event section below. Additionally, speakers are available upon request for a variety of topics. The Senior Care Coalition recommends speakers based on area of expertise and availability. Fill out the form below with your request.